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Inward Dignity



2023 — Heidi de Mare, „Inward Dignity. The Liberated House in Simon Stevin“s Architectural Knowledge System as Indication of his Early Modern Conception of «Privacy»“


‘This is a very well written and beautifully argued chapter. The author provides a very convincing argument and contextualizes the main primary source, the architectural treatise of Simon Stevin, in an excellent manner. The ideas of privacy are intelligently argued in relation to ideas about “house as an arrangement of heterogeneous matter” and “what makes a good house” and especially “organizing inward dignity”.

Peer-review of my chapter "Inward Dignity" in ‘Private Life and Privacy in the Early Modern Low Countries’, edited by Michaël Green and Ineke Huysman [December 2020]: 63-97.

Publication of the volume by BREPOLS is expected in October 2023: